A VoIP termination service
With testing tools

FasFreeRoute is a product of Jikatel Canada Inc. That has been in the VoIP market since 2005. With FasFreeRoute, get exposure to multiple routes for A to Z destinations. And from your dedicated platform, with the feature rich testing tools, easily test the offered routes and start sending sending traffic to your chosen routes.

Why FasFreeRoute is revolutionary

Freedom of Choice

Choose the VoIP routes the suites your needs, test all the aspects of the offered routes and you decide.

Deep Analysis

Test our VoIP routes for ANI passing, voice quality, RBT, FAS, PDD, and more.

LCR View

A dedicated view for the least cost routes, based on your preference. Get the most profit.

Super Support

FAQ, articles, video tutorials, and support teams are available around the clock to help you.

Preferred Destinations

CLI, non CLI, and CC division are available. Mark the destination as preferred to get in on top of the list

Numbers Database

Use your own phone numbers to test. Or take advantage of our rich phone numbers database

Powerful Platform!

Save time
Increase profit

FasFreeRoute is more than a VoIP routes testing tool. FasFreeRoute is VoIP termination service with feature-rich testing tools. Save time by testing and directly starting traffic, increase profit by utilizing the LCR module.

Easy and straight forward

No specific technical knowledge is required, FasFreeRoute is built for everyone in the VoIP business. Everyone in your team can benefit from the platform.

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FasFreeRoute is welcoming the VoIP community members and companies whom are eager to explore new innovations, to sign up to our new innovative features and share their experience.

Asked Question

Get exposed to thousands of VoIP routes. Test first!

How much is costs to subscribe to this service?

FasFreeRoute services is completely free, you only have to pay for the routes

Is there a limit to the number of tests?

For your convenience, FasFreeRoute provide each user with a dedicated system and your tests count is unmetered.

What are the accepted payment methods?

In order to recharge your account, paypal and bank wire payments are accepted.

Can I offer VoIP routes to FasFreeRoute?

If you have routes to offer, kindly contact us at info@fasfreeroute.com

You offer many VoIP routes, are they all working?

We are always in the process of managing the offered routes. Every route in your portal is completely working.

Do you offer a reseller program?

We do offer a special program for the resellers, in you are interested kindly contact us at sales@fasfreeroute.com

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